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3D brought to a new level of utility, practicality, accessibility, and pervasiveness of applicability.

About Us

Abantech's mission is to break down the barriers that have prevented people from working efficiently with software systems. We wish to allow people to break free of the artificial restrictions imposed by working with primitive devices (like the mouse, keyboard, etc) and to be unencumbered by the specialization required to work with 3D applications.

We want to allow people to do things in ways that have been traditionally difficult or impossible. We want to allow people to better be able to express their creativity, to collaborate, to invent and innovate. To boldly do what they couldn’t (easily) do before.

We want empower people’s ideas and actions to be able to better work in 3D. We seek to tear down the "barriers-to-entry" so as to overcome the obstacles to their productivity.

Our Team

The team's skills allows for complete coverage of all technical subject matters through deep technical expertise. Our team is comprised of subject matter experts in all relevant areas in Software architecture and development, 3D technology, Human Computer Interaction (human factors and applied cognition), Physics and scientific algorithms. Most importantly, we are all passionate about bringing the ability to create help others achieve whatever they would be willing to set their minds and hearts to do.

Gregory Melencio - CEO and Founder
Software Architect and Development Manager with Accenture. With 15 years software development experience for both Federal and Commercial clients. Unbroken track-record of successful implementation of high-availability, mission-critical systems.

Theo Armour - Chief Technology Officer
Well-respected technologist who started 3D at Autodesk, program manager for 3 realaes of AutoCAD. Tech founder and angel investor. Hack client-side realtime 3D JavaScript Three.js/Leap - all FOSS on GitHub.

James Stephens - Vice President of Development
Senior Software Developer at Accenture. Professional background in Federal Technology Consulting and System Integration. Extensive experience in web, software development, and 3D development. Magna-Cumlaude B.S. Applied Mathematics.

Efficio Middleware

At a high-level, Efficio Middleware is a set of components intended to manage the control and interaction between the enduser input (as provided by the Hardware APIs) and the consuming the 3D modeling software. Within the 3D consuming 3D software, it defines the interaction between the Assets and provides marshalling of context-aware instructions.

Among Efficio's Goals are: To enable hand-motion-sensing devices - such as Leap, RealSense, Kinect, etc - to communicate effectively with 3D design systems such as CAD/CAM programs and game engines (consuming system). We extend beyond the abstracting human input from NI devices (as with OpenNI) to translate this into actions. That is, we attempt to recognize/perceive user intent and effect this through the execution of functions (or a series of functions) in the consuming system. This is most closely resembles Motion Planning, but applied to functions executed in the consuming system. To capture the huge subtlety and sensitivity of finger/skeletal movements - along with the extremely high bandwidth incurred - and channel this information as exquisitely useful instructions for creating objects of immense detail, craftsmanship and sophistication.

Efficio Overview Video
Visit Demo Page for a live demo or videos

Live Demo and Videos

If you have a LEAP device installed with the latest SDK:   View a Live Demo HERE

Otherwise, below are videos of some the features currently implemented into the early prototype

Back in the day... This was one of our earliest proof of concept videos. Just here to remind us of how far we've come.

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