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Efficio, a “Fusion Middleware”: providing competitive advantages and creating new market share.

Efficio is a powerful middleware that applies Artificial Intelligence to allow contextually-aware interaction between any number of spatially aware hardware and software systems; resulting in a synergistic combination of the spatially-aware devices and hardware. Built in recogniton of the OpenXR proposed spec, our system is able to process signals bi-directionally from heterogeneous devices, and further enhance the utility of the data collected by the devices to work in tandem.

Efficio greatly increases the utility of spatially-aware or spatially-dependent hardware devices. Hardware and Software Developers alike can mch more rapidly prototype, build and deploy products that are inherently interoperable.

Efficio Explainer Video
Abantech Middleware
Hardware Manufacturers

Makers can focus at what you're good at doing "making". Efficio allows you to let whatever you build to be "plug and play" for various systems. Click to read more...

Software Developers

Coders can leverage Efficio to reduce the risk of building to to specialized hardware/APIs while allowing for greater productivity and faster delivery. Click to read more...


By allowing for reductions in the complexity of developing, testing and integrating systems, we all stand to gain from the economic benefits of the versatility and faster adpotion of new technology. That is the promise of Efficio.

Check out the reality that companies and users are discovering in a virtual world.

What’s in your head right now? Let’s make it happen.


Embracing Reality in a Virtual World

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Case Studies

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Product Showcase

Abantech: Efficio for Accessibility
Here we showcase a few of the many features of Efficio that make it ideal to be applied to Accessibility.
Unity Vive and Leap and Efficio Integration Tutorial
This video gives an introduction to Unity and how to integrate with the Vive working in tandem with a LEAP controller. The last part of the video showcases our Efficio middleware that makes rapid, device-agnostic support possible within Unity.
Efficio Rover Control and Obstacle Avoidance
Our Demo of how we were able to use Effico's AI to control a Rover 2.0 Spy Tank by setting waypoints in an area scanned an monitored by a Kinect.
Dynamic Avatar Generation around using VR Headset (Vive), a Kinect, and a Leap Motion Controller
We used 3 devices working in tandem to dynamically generate an Avatar around the user wearing a headset. This showcases full body tracking + environment recognition without the need for additional hardware (like those Vive Trackers) and can work with any headset (GearVR/Cardboard) that can connect via HTTP!
Early demo of Efficio Capabilities for integrating NUI and WebGL apps
Our MVP video: a very early demonstration of how we used Efficio to work with various NUI Hardware (Leap + Kinect 360) to receive human input, process it, and send it down to 3D (Custom and COTS) Software.



About Us.

Our mission is to develop solutions that leverage emerging technologies to enhance their utility and creating versatility. We aim to revolutionize the integration of heterogeneous technologies; allowing devices and systems to work intelligently and thereby redefining the art of what is possible.

Our team brings a unique mix of skills that contribute to the achieving our vision. Our initial (and primary) focus has been to apply the our technology to VR/AR/MR scenarios where through our work we have proven that there are better ways for users to interact with systems by creating 3D environments that aren’t constricted by an intermediary device. In this vein, we have demonstrated

  • Opened new avenues for interoperability between hardware and software systems.
  • Increase adoption by connecting Natural User Interface (NUI) across disparate systems/
  • Enhance the applicability of 3D/VR and NUI for health care, defense, other industries.
Our proprietary middleware – Efficio - allows any spatially aware device (anything from an accelerometer to depth-mapping devices, to advanced human-input "NUI" devices) - to work in concert with other such devices and software applications. using the extensible and configurable Artificial Intelligence at the core of our Efficio, spatial data and other inputs from various systems is fused to create and manage an operational context that can inform and be acted upon by downstream systems and users.

We integrate COTS (commercial-off-the-shelf-tech) to support the rapid development and adoption of cost effective solutions in 3D, robotics, and beyond.

Abantech will help you conceive and create tools that take business operations to a new dimension.

Our Team.

Who we are

Greg Melencio
CEO & Founder
James Stephens
Co-Founder / Development Lead
Chad Levrini
Managing Director
Theo Armour
Chief Technology Adviser

Our Friends, Partners, and Clients

"Efficio makes it easy to build almost any multi-user virtual reality application on top of the Agora platform. It could allow 3D modelers to work on assets together. It could allow interior designers to place furniture around a space. It would allow building contractors to share 3D progress updates with clients." - Medium Link


News / Blog

News, Press, Events and Blog
Abantech Presents at 2017 Launch 100 Pitch Event

“What we say not only what we can do, we demonstrate this in our actions.” This is what Greg Melencio, the Abantech Founder said at the start of his presentation during the Launch100.io Pitch Event held at the NOVA Labs, Reston, Virginia last June 15, 2017. Abantech was one of the participating companies at the Launch 100 Pitch event which showcased what Efficio is and the advantages it brings along with it for hardware manufacturers. Launch 100 helps entrepreneurs transform their ideas into reality within 100 days.

AbanTech designed an intelligent Fusion Middleware Efficio which allows a spatially aware device to interoperate with each other. Efficio is built in recognition of OpenXR proposed specifications and thus can easily process signals bi-directionally.

During the presentation, people participated with great enthusiasm and asked their queries. Greg Melenico said, “The main aim of today’s meet up was to get in touch with businesses working in virtual reality.” He further added, “Business stand to gain benefits by adopting the latest technology. We have some ongoing projects in hand and are looking forward to some new ideas.”

One of the company’s main aim is to work together with hardware developers and let companies enjoy various benefits offered by Efficio. This Fusion Middleware does a lot more than just simply connecting devices, it frees hardware developers from the constraints of building multiple interfaces.

Efficio lets hardware manufacturer do what they are best at doing i.e. making while the company takes care of everything else. Using Efficio will give freedom to developers and reduce the effort and complexity of integrating whatever they build with disparate systems. Mr. Melenico said, “Efficio started out as a tool to make VR/AR applications more accessible but has evolved beyond that - it now allows bidirectional communication between heterogeneous devices thereby allowing our fellow makers the ability to rapidly prototype your inventions and reap the benefits of increased market share/exposure.”

He signed off by saying, “We are happy with the response the presentation received from people. We got a chance to interact with entrepreneurs and tell them about Efficio. We had a healthy discussion which helped us talk about what we are doing and how we are doing it. We also met people who were really interested in our software and showed interest to collaborate with us.”

Efficio Debuts at Fosterly's VR/AR and Creatives Study Hall

What if there were no limitations based on hardware or device? What could you do in 3D?

That’s the question Abantech was asking at the Fosterly's VR/AR and Creatives Study Hall, where the company showcased Efficio to a limited audience. The event was sponsored by Fosterly in collaboration with DiscoveryVR.com, part of the Discovery Channel communications network and was organized by Adam Zuckerman, Founder of Fosterly.

Efficio is Abantech's Intelligent Fusion Middleware that allows any spatially aware device - from simple sensors to complex Human interface Devices - to interoperate with each other or for use with any downstream software system. That means that, among other things, 3D applications, and gaming platforms can be opened up to all devices and any customer, overriding current hardware based protocols.

But during the Study Hall, Abantech was looking to hear ideas that went beyond gaming.

“The whole point of Fosterly’s meet up is to connect with other entrepreneurs working in VR,” said Greg Melencio, Abantech’s CEO. “We had a chance to hook up with a 3D film production company – an industry we haven’t worked with before. We already have some projects in health care and custom solutions, but we kicked around some new ideas there as well.”

One of Abantech’s primary goals is to collaborate with device and/or system developers to leverage the opportunities Efficio presents. Efficio does more than connect devices – it enhances their capabilities. For example, a user can work with any commercial-off-the shelf CAD application can work directly with the 3D environment. An NUI device can provide a biometric scan in the field to help understand the extent of an injury. Rapid prototyping the potential applications of these devices in a way that makes them inherently versatile is a key benefit of Efficio.

Efficio can intelligently fuse data from multiple endpoints – systems, sensors, GPS – to create and manage an operational context against which systems can interoperate. One such example is that the data collected can be provided as a composite view within 3D software, thereby providing more than insights or analytics: decision-makers can have comprehensive situational awareness, in real time.

“We’re excited by the potential we see in our software,” Melencio adds. “But what’s so great about this event is the chance to hear what other people are doing and talk about what we could do - together.”

Virtual Reality Sidelines Guess Work on Injury Assessment

When a player is hurt on the field, the team’s doctors and coaches have little science to go on. But that could all change, thanks to an innovative start up in Virginia – Abantech and its Vital Visuals project.

The Vital Visuals project, winner of New Wave’s 2017 Code-A-thon for Augmented Reality technology development in Healthcare, integrates the capabilities of existing systems and products – in this case, Kinect and HoloLens.

Sports medicine, physical therapy and prosthetic medicine are the big winners in this smart new solution delivering real time results:

  • Full Body Check of Patients Major Joints
  • Biometric Physiology Scan
  • Multi-device Coordination
  • Dynamic patient distance measuring

“If this capability could be incorporated to work with Microsoft’s new HoloLens Viewer,” said Greg Melencio, CEO of Abantech, “any locker room could be elevated to a digital medical imaging center.

Though the project was conceived using a sports medicine construct, Abantech’s solution is aimed at any physician or facility that needs immediate real-time assessment of the extent of a patient’s injury.

By overlaying the patient’s skeletal structure on a VR representation of the injured individual, physicians can “see” the extent of damage from the injury, instead of solely relying on the patient’s verbal cues.

Developed over a 24 hour period, Abantech’s solution delivers more than a proof of concept. The company demonstrates the crossover capabilities of VR technologies to provide solutions to numerous industries including health care. The Vital Visuals project blew away the competition, offering the most creative VR solution to an existing real-world problem.

As a company, Abantech is focused on business-smart integration technology, offering a patented middleware application called Efficio. Efficio serves as a conduit between NUI interfaces that normally cannot interact with one another. Efficio also allows users to skip 2D modeling and rendering , and work directly in 3D.

Efficio’s flexibility and versatility is key to the potential for problem solving in any number of industries. Efficio is cost effective as well, following a model that allows companies to retain, rather than replace, existing IT assets.

Tech Basics

Kinect is motion sensor technology, a Natural User Interface (NUI) originally developed for Xbox. Kinect eliminates the need for an intermediary device, such as a controller. It responds to voice commands and uses facial recognition software.

Microsoft HoloLens is the first fully untethered, self-contained, holographic computer. It projects holographic images into a real world environment, without limiting peripheral vision.

Siminars: Next Generation Webinars from Agora and Efficio

Enhancing communications is an ongoing priority every company and Virtual Reality is a natural fit. That’s why we’re partnering with Agora to deploy Efficio on their new Siminar platform.

Siminars are the next step up from Webinars, using VR applications and devices to allow 3D interaction between attendees. Remote teams of employees, sales calls with clients, discussions with vendors will replicate face to face engagements in a VR environment.

Gone are the days of sharing a flat 2D slide presentation. If you’re discussing the architectural structure of the Eiffel Tower, participates can experience it walking up the steps. A sales call can becomes a 3D product demo. A team meeting on product packaging has 365 degree visibility.

The Efficio Factor

Abantech’s middleware is what makes the Siminar concept practical for deployment and adoption. It creates a device-agnostic environment – in other words, no one is tied to any particular system or device. If the design team in California uses a Vive controller but the Marketing team in NY prefers a Kinect NUI – no problem.

With Efficio, any Natural User Interface device can interact with each other in a 3D environment – removing barriers and increasing functionality. Sound is spatially fused, adding realism to the simulated environment. Users are immersed, as opposed to sitting in conference room checking their email.

Efficio’s Bring Your Own Device integration reduces the Total Cost of Ownership too – retaining existing tech investments instead of forcing replacement to a standardized system. The potential for innovation tools and environments is almost unlimited.

In an article on Medium, Agora had this to say:

But the Siminar is just the first step. Efficio makes it easy to build almost any multi-user virtual reality application on top of the Agora platform. It could allow 3D modelers to work on assets together. It could allow interior designers to place furniture around a space. It would allow building contractors to share 3D progress updates with clients. And that’s the beginning. Training, education, sales, collaboration and even eventually an entirely virtual office can take place on Agora using Efficio.”
Efficio: A Device Agnostic Platform for 3D

When we started Abantech, we wanted to see beyond what was being done.

Every start up says,that, right? If we wanted to push boundaries, we had to start by looking at what was already in the market. What we realized was there were all these great platforms, applications, interfaces and devices – and none of them talked to each other. The conclusion – there was a lot of lost functionality.

Now AutoCad can utilize a NUI interface, responding to gestures and voice commands. Users can work directly in 3D – no more rendering. Gaming engines aren’t tied to singular devices. Modeling rises to a whole new level, capturing and combining data from sensors, databases, GPS to provide comprehensive insight and analysis.

As more data from more sources become available, the system grows more situationally aware – increasing its function and the devices it used.

Not every innovation creates disruption, but Efficio changes the way we think about and use 3D technologies. The potential for advancement in how we solve problems, engage with customers, communicate with colleagues, design applications, collect information – it’s all impacted.

Efficio is the tool that innovators have been waiting for – disrupting existing limitations, allowing makers and developers to take their ideas to the next level. Efficio brings together two separate schools of thought: Immersion and simulation from the gaming industry with 2D modeling and data capture from business and industry. Finally, it offers new potential.

Abantech’s middleware expands the capabilities of every application and device it touches. Efficio can literally capture spatial data from multiple sources and fuse it into a real-time 3D model. As a result, companies will discover an entirely new weigh to look at their processes, productivity and profit.

Business Benefits

  • No replacement costs; current applications and devices are retained
  • No additional training or learning curves for employees. In fact, applications are easier to use.
  • BYOD – Bring your own device goes to the next level.
  • The total cost of ownership is low.
  • Tech employees engage with cutting edge technology, adding to job satisfaction and aiding retention.
  • The potential for competitive advantage is high.

Efficio is a simple way to integrate VR capabilities into your operations, provoking creativity and innovation to discover the potential of 3D solutions.

Lean Start Up Model: Learn from Customers

Abantech was founded on Lean Start-Up principles. Though we enjoy cool code, we understood from the beginning that any product we made has to have value in the marketplace.

It’s not whether we can code it – it’s whether customers want or need it.

That’s the tightrope every tech startup walks. We need to innovate, but not for the sake of our own interests. Our industry has the potential to positively impact the world more than any other.

Technologists provide cross functional solutions to virtually every industry – from space exploration to weather monitoring, healthcare to telecommunications.

Expanding adoption of VR solutions is the logical next leap.

At Abantech, we assembled a core team of experts in VR, AR and MR design and development. We sought and welcomed the guidance and advice of experienced mentors. We established a process and built a product that we share with prospective customers. We measure their reaction and learn from their input. Then we make our application better.

This is a solid foundation for our firm. This is how we work. This is how we grow.

Build. Measure. Learn. Repeat.